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Medical Pedicure | Benefits and Cost in 2022

Unlike most Pedicures, a medical pedicure can relieve stress as it is a painless procedure tailored to the individual getting it done

Do you feel yourself needing more tender loving care for your foot? Are you the type that is too embarrassed to take off your shoes in public? then you should be considering booking an appointment with podiatry (a specialist) for a medical pedicure for proper grooming, and deeper and intensive care for your nails and foot.

I am going to be sharing my experience when I had one done for the first time, I would also be breaking down what a medical pedicure is, the benefits of a medical pedicure, the cost of getting one done, etc.

What is a Medical Pedicure?

According to experts, a medical pedicure is simply a bridge between podiatry and nail care which typically last for about 45 minutes to an hour give or take. Unlike most Pedicures, a medical pedicure can relieve stress as it is a painless procedure tailored to the individual getting it done.

I remember when I first booked an appointment with a specialist, I can still remember that anxious and tense feeling I had not really knowing how it was going to feel for me, having only read about it online.

How strange it felt stepping into the specialist office which by the way looks nothing like a spa or a beauty salon. I got the feel of hospital vibes which made me even more tensed since I am not the biggest fan of a hospital.

Fast forward to an hour later, the experience was like an eye-opener for me. I felt so much relief and satisfaction which made me wonder why I didn’t get one done sooner. The experience was just blissful and comprehensive as I haven’t gotten this much care for my foot with the regular nail Pedi.

What is the difference between a Medicare Pedicure and a Regular Pedicure?

Well, unlike the regular Pedi, a medical pedicure is tailored to meet the needs and desires of the individual, combining the best treatment for your health and wellness in general.

Preventing future foot disorders and other foot issues such as ingrown, hammer toes, and bunions while also buffing your nails, re-shaping, nipping, and filing each toenail with extra care and tender love.

Don’t get me wrong, for most people a normal or a regular Pedicure is okay or should I say perfect for them which is fantastic.

But with some of us with a more stubborn, not-so-good-looking foot/nails a normal Pedi is just not enough. Since we require more intensive care for our feet to feel comfy because of how sensitive we feel about them and feeling a wee bit shy or embarrassed to take off our shoes in public.

Benefits of medical pedicure in 2022

Even though a medical pedicure is mostly suggested to athletes who experience dryness, sourness, foot pain, and other related foot issues it should be said that it is highly recommended for everyone who is in dire need and can afford the cost of getting a medical pedicure as it is far more relaxing with more in-depth care.

Cost of getting a medical pedicure?

The cost of getting a medical pedicure is priced at $200 currently, which is kinda expensive to afford for most with other minor factors to look out for such as location and the individual specialist. But my advice is if you can afford it, then go for it as you would really enjoy the experience.


A medical pedicure in my opinion is just the best of pedicures out there. They are completely safe for all ages even for those with underlying health troubles such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancer to say the least.

I highly recommend everyone who can afford one to give it a trial and get a feel of the experience so as to fully justify the hype around a Medi Pedi…I am pretty convinced you will love it.

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