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Acne Spa Treatment | Your Ultimate 2022 Guide

Acne can be caused by a lot of reasons from foods to hormones, hyperkeratosis, and even down to hereditary factors.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions worldwide, affecting 85% of most teenagers according to statistics by the American Academy of Dermatologists Association (AAD). Acne can be caused by a lot of reasons from foods to hormones, hyperkeratosis, and even down to hereditary factors.

Before we take a deep dive into some of the best acne spa treatments out there, let’s first understand what acne is, some of the common causes, and also ways of preventing and controlling acne.

What is an Acne?

According to research, normal working skin is supposed to shed one layer of skin a day within a pore. So when the skin begins to shed more than five layers a day that tends to make the pore sticky and the body unable to keep up with the extra workload, clogging the pores.

Although most acne usually manifests around puberty, affecting individuals between the ages of 12-14 more prominently. It can also occur in adults too when one doesn’t know the causes and how to avoid them or even take proper care of the skin.

Best Acne Spa Treatment.

There are different methods of treating acne. Some may require a more professional approach depending on the severity. For minor blemishes, mild acne, or breakouts, facials are most helpful and can be done even in the comfort of your bedroom using the right ingredients.

For those with more severe acne breakouts and harsh blemishes, it is recommended to visit the nearest Dermatologist for an acne spa treatment immediately. Below are the two main acne treatment styles based on the severity.

Regular Facials for Acne Treatments.

  1. Deep cleansing: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the affected area free from dirt, oil, and makeup.
  2. Steam Treatment: Using a piece of special steamer equipment, apply steam to the affected area for some minutes as this helps to soften the pores and content within.
  3. Exfoliation Procedure: This is the key step in acne treatment using facials. This helps to remove dead skin cells or layers that clog your pores. Simple scrubs such as salicylic acid peels and microdermabrasion are required.
  4. Blemish Extraction: Here the blackheads are cleaned out from your pores by applying gentle pressure either with fingernails or with an extractor.
  5. Mask Application: Depending on your skin type, a suitable mask should be used and applied after cleaning blackheads.
  6. Toner Application: This process helps remove excess oil from the skin cells, leaving it fresh and feeling smooth.
  7. Moisturizer and Sun Protection: This is usually the final step. The use of moisturizers or sun cream can help protect your skin against dark spots, uneven skin tones, and even aging.

Acne Spa Treatment (Steps)

Here is a list of some of the most performed procedures by Dermatologists whenever you decide to book an appointment. This is usually recommended for a severe form of acne and a specialist in the field carries it out.

  • L.E.D light therapy from celluma.
  • Hydrodermavrasion for extractions.
  • Enzymes to ease extraction.
  • Acinipur facial.
  • Acne-clearing facial.
  • Acne protocol with probiotics.
  • Oxyceutical oxygen acne facials.
  • Chemical and organic peel for clarifying.

How Much Does an Acne Spa Treatment Cost?

The cost of getting an acne Spa Treatment near me is around $80-$120 depending on the particular treatment you are getting done. Please note, the cost may not be a fair reflection of the price exactly in your location as a result of a lot of factors.


If you find yourself having acne troubles, depending on how serious it is and how painful it can be. You can try out the common and the easiest facials which can be done yourself. For those with a more stubborn case or reoccurring acne, I highly recommend booking an appointment for an acne spa treatment for the best results.

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